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The DRONE ACADEMY training is one of the Key Mark Programs of  ACEDEMY. 

UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC. is the only company in the world that provides complete Integrated Solutions Sets for UAV DRONEs. This unique program combines many different companies’ services and products into one "Integrated Solution Set" to provide a seem less solution for their clients.

Example: One their prison systems their combine their fully secured encrypted monitoring center located in Va.,  Dedrone Anti-Drone Security systems with DRONEs with full video output to connect into the ZOOM Collaborations Platform with the capability of delivering full video and integrated collaboration to over 300 police cars on their computer screen. 

This "Integrated Solution Sets" will be taught at DRONE ACADEMY. 

ACADEMIES is responsible for all training for  UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC. from any provider including Skyward, DroneDeploy, Dartdrone  and others. 

 ACADEMIES will be responsible for providing all certifications for flight and ground school for  UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC.