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The  TRADES ACADEMY is part of our work study program. The students attend class in their chosen field of carpentry, drafting or electrical part of the day and work co-op part of the day getting on hands experience within the HVCC Family of Companies.  

Ninety (90%) of those who graduate will be employed by HVCC Family of  Companies.

The Trade Academy will house a wide range of courses for our students who wish to pursue a career in the technology trades. Our certification courses will include UAV DRONE technology, UAV DRONE repair and maintenance, solar installation and repair, installation and repair of Dedrone Security Systems, electrical, computer cabling, fiber cabling, fiber installation and splicing, telephone cabling, power backup and UPS systems installation, etc.

TRADES ACADEMY also offers full training in warehousing, inventory management, logistic, shipping, hazardous cargo, ocean shipping, tagging, satellite tracking, ocean ship tracking, commodities shipping, precious cargo shipping, air cargo packing and shipping and much more.

Our courses as designed to provide a trade skill which is utilized in our Technology Center and Knowledge Center, so our trade students have the same opportunity to work with the greatest minds in the country as do our technology Honor Students. They will work and learn hand in hand with each other.

The Trade School Classrooms will be out fitted the same as the College Classrooms with the latest technology with each room also having the latest in video training libraries on each trade to select from. Classes will be taught on-site as well as over our INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS the same as our college and University programs.