​     Educating Todays Veterans in Tomorrows Careers

​     We Hire Who We Train       We Never Leave Anyone Behind 


HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE provides our students with the finest in solar wind technology training leading to full certification as installers and designers.  Our students are taught by EverBlue one of the major certified training companies in the US. We also utilize the talents of Steelite Capella and Steelite Green Energy LLC. engineers as instructors for solar wind design.  

Solar Wind "Integrated Solution Sets" involves many aspect of the solar wind hybrid technology. 

​​​We look at the development teams, funding and how to incorporate the Indian Nations and Veterans in the installation and management of the facilities, the use of high technology in the process including UAVs Drones for many applications from surveying, mapping to maintenance and protection from HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC.

HVCC SOLAR WIND is the only company in the world who offers rentals, and in-house leasing of UAV DRONES for SOLAR WIND PROJECTS.

We also incorporate Risk Assessment for our solar wind projects. This is done through HVCC JCM RISK ASSESSMENT GROUP, LLC.