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                                                                        CASC MONITORING CENTER TRAINING ACADEMY

NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE MONITORING CENTER TRAINING is designed to train students in the operations and monitoring of critical visual, audio and data that is monitored at the MONITORING CENTER located in Pa, and Va. This is the brains of a very suffocated center where every flight of our UAV DRONEs and every activity of our DEDRONE Clients are monitoring.

This training is restricted to student that have and will need to pass complete and heavy backgrounds security checks. The requirements are strict, but when accepted and graduate from this course, it is an honored position in HVCC.  This is a security position and falls under the directions of the CEO and Director of Security, Mr. Andrew R. Butts.  

                                                                       DEEP CEMENT MIXING TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY

The DCM ACADEMY is where the amazing technology of DEEP CEMENT MIXING will be taught in both classroom as well as on the job experience.

The very Campus they are standing on is a product of DCM Technology. They will learn the applicational of the technology, the requirement, the projects that have and are being done, the analysis required before the process, the types of cements used, the equipment, the application process and much more.

The DCM Academy utilizes experts from the finest national and international engineering companies to explain each step in the process. This is done on our INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS amazing platform.

Deep Cement Mixing (DCM) is a civil engineering deep foundation technique where a binder material, typically cement, is injected into the ground for ground stabilization and land reclamation. In ground stabilization applications it is typically used to obtain a better load bearing capability of the existing soil, etc. in order to bear buildings and other structures. The restrictions for development of these massive projects have been eliminated.

WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL projects are all built using DCM TECHNOLOGY. This advanced method of construction will allow our vast projects to be completed on time and on budget. DEEP CEMENT MIXING is more expensive upfront, but when you look at the cost of delay which standard construction and/or reclamation techniques are known for, the cost is justified, and with the monetized value of the project at over $80,000,000,000 when open, the decisions are simple. Also, the time to completion is cut in about half and allows WorldGate Community International  projects to be built concurrently with our Modular Direct building schedule to completion and  HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP meet the opening dates we set. 

                                                                                                EPW DEFENSE ACADEMY

The  EPW Defense Academy is for students who are interested in protecting the United States against the possibility of attack from Electronic Pulse Weapons.

The Academy will teach the advanced techniques and requirement of developing a EPW Defense Center, what a SCIF is, what TEMPEST IS and why TEMPEST is so important, why the use of solar arrays are required, storage of inverter, civil defense planning, armored vehicle requirements and why, law enforcement protection, medical equipment protection, self-sustaining water supplies, special operation training and requirements, food storage and much more.

The Academy provides training for operators of centers being built by HVCC EPW DEFENSE CENTERS across the country.

We hope these centers are never required for EPW attacks, but more and more bad actors now have the capability of high-altitude nuclear explosions which will kill over two third of all people in the United States and the Greater Caribbean the danger is ever present.


President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order aimed at protecting the nation's critical infrastructure from electromagnetic pulses weapons (EPWs), which can disrupt technology and could potentially create widespread blackouts.

The order calls for a government-wide policy to: improve understanding of EPWs' potential effects, strengthen critical infrastructure and improve national response plans. The order also calls for public-private coordination and federal research into improving EMP resiliency.

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), which represents investor-owned utilities, hailed Trump's efforts at protecting infrastructure. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in 2016 began to study how EMPs could impact the grid; that study and its recommendations are expected next month.

 The utility sector has been watching EPWs as a threat for years, finding no easy solution to the pulses which could result from a natural event such as a large sun flare or a malicious attack that could involve detonating a nuclear device overhead.

In a statement, Energy Secretary Rick Perry called EMPs "a threat to our national security and energy security" and said the order "sends a clear message to adversaries that the United States takes this threat seriously."

The order clarifies federal agency roles and responsibilities, takes steps to improve information sharing between the government and private industry, and directs federal agencies to coordinate, in preparation for an EMP event.

The order also calls for identifying critical infrastructure at greatest risk from EPWs, improving understanding of the pulses' impacts, improving response plans and strengthening critical infrastructure to withstand the possible impacts.

EEI Vice President for Security and Preparedness Scott Aaronson applauded the order and the President's "ongoing focus on protecting critical infrastructure."

“How an EPW may impact critical infrastructure is an extremely complex issue that cannot be solved with a one-size-fits-all solution," Aaronson said. He added that "sound policy should be informed by sound science," pointing to EPRI's upcoming report, which is expected to include recommendations for "mitigation approaches and investments."

The order comes about a month after a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official testified that a high-altitude nuclear detonation could have "potentially severe" impacts on the electric grid.
"Consequences of a successful nuclear EPW attack ... may include long-term damage to significant portions of the Nation’s electric grid," said Brian Harrell, assistant director for infrastructure security at DHS, told a Senate committee.

Harrell also said, however, that the intelligence community "currently has no specific, credible information indicating that there is an imminent threat to critical infrastructure from an EPW attack."

                                                                          NATIONAL GRID SECUTITY PROTECTION ACADEMY

The National Grid Security Protection Academy is a combined academy teaching the skills of HVCC UAV DRONE Technology Group, HVCC EPW Defense Centers and HVCC REIT Solar as a method of security for the power grid in the United States and the Greater Caribbean.

The power grid in the US is so vulnerable and simple to being down it is scary. There have been many statewide brownouts some are causes but animals and others by bad actors.

Our power stations and substations are not protected by the utility companies at all. With the advent of drones that can steal data and change data it is even worse. Every power or substation is protected by an 8 to 12-foot fence but Drones don’t care about fences they simple fly over them. Drones can now carry over 55 lbs. of high explosives or chemical agents. They can fly over 2000 miles below radar. We know because HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY is a leading provider of these drones for construction, mapping, surveying and first responders.

We are also one of the leading providers of anti-drone technology in the world. We have locations in the US and Caribbean where we are deploying up to 400 hundred anti-drone systems to protect the country.

Our National Grid Security Protection Academy was developed to offer the most advanced training on how these systems work and how to deploy the systems to protect the critical grid.

Who are the manufactures of the systems how are the installed. How new equipment is HVCC combining with these systems to enhance their capability.

Our Academy teaches real examples and solutions. We bring in the greatest experts in the world to provide training and for seminars to enhance the classroom experience. We work on real equipment in the lab and test systems for our clients at our facilities. 


These courses require 100% State Police background check, DOD or FBI Clearance and approval verification.