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​    Educating Todays Veterans in Tomorrows Careers

​     We Hire Who We Train       We Never Leave Anyone Behind 



The NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION, Campus will offer a complete degree granting program through participating Colleges and Universities located in Pennsylvania.

The NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE CAMPUS will be built from the ground up to be completely GREEN ENERGY.

All programs are taught under the  NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE work study program will be utilized and available at the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUE as well as all scholarship programs for those students. NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE believes that the trades education and the academic education are both required by our veterans in the new work environment. The ACADEMIES are a major part of the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE programs. 

NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE considers these as hand in hand programs and work to integrate them in to all its multi-disciplinary programs.  One cannot function without the other and this is a keynote concept in the education programs for veterans. Our veterans graduates are hired by the Honor Valor Courage Corporation, Combat Arms Corporation and Worldgate Community International Corporation as well as other major corporate partners of those corporations. 

The Campus, buildings will be built by modular construction. Modular Direct and our acclaimed know this process as do our other engineers and seventy partner companies. This process greatly decreases the time to build, and cost of construction and increases the ease of construction.

All Unified  Communication will be from HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD utilizing ZOOM PHONES and POLYCOM X30-X50 CONFERENVE VIDEO SUSTEMS which is cloud base. All internal building wiring will be performed at the Modular Direct factory by HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD.

The major feature of this campus it will be total Solar powered off-grid with no on-grid power source. We will utilize a 100 MW solar field, thin film solar roof tiles, and other thin film solar technologies. All buildings are built with modular construction technology with all building being burn proof by applying TEMP-COAT FB-520. This campus will be a showcase for modern construction technology. 

The Campus building houses the college administrative offices that interface with the partnering colleges and universities, with fifty fully equipped interactive video classrooms, study room, library and computer labs. The student will attend classes in one of our Interactive College Network enabled classrooms. Each room is equipped with wall mounted 60 to 100-inch HD televisions with HD full duplex sounds system built into the walls and ceilings for total interactive response with both the professor as well as other students in other classrooms on in remote locations around the world. The students and professors can share documents, files, DVDs and other information. Each class can be recorded for later play back if a student misses a class. All classroom systems and remote education is provided by INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS. All installation and service on system is provided under a major national contract with RingCentral.

The Dorms are designed to grow from one thousand single dorm rooms to over four thousand rooms in six buildings all with a modular design. This allows expansion of additions fast and simple to accommodate the rapid growth planned at our facility. Each dorm room will be fully equipped with the latest technology including room to room video interactive collaboration. The Trade School Dorms will be housed in the same dorm area building but separated from the college dorms due to the demands of the military discipline demanded of the student attending our college program. 

​​The Technology Center/Knowledge Center is divided into the two-different function. First, the Technology Center will consist of over 200 top-rated technology companies each with their own equipment and technology utilizing the center as a development lab for new innovative products. Universities Research Departments will also be located at the Center allowing the power of their research programs to interface with the best technology minds is a very powerful combination for problem solving. These new innovative technologies can then be combined with other companies and Universities Research Departments located at the Center to develop solutions that before were thought impossible.

This will also create one of the largest Knowledge Center in the United States where companies, governments, education, entertainment and medical can come for solution from the greatest combined Knowledge Group in the country.

The Technology Center/Knowledge will utilize the INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS program with of 50 systems and 50 licenses to provide connection to on projects and consulting to Governments, Agencies, Businesses and other Corporate think tanks making the Technology Center/Knowledge Center one of the premier Technology and Knowledge Center in the world.

The power of CO-OPATITION is born. Many different companies and technologies working together as one to solve a common requirement. NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE will act as a prime on contracts or as a sub-contractor on DOD, commercial, medical, entertainment, and educational contracts, and bring the combined power of all the technologies as one to that bid or contract requirement.

A full Tempest Lab will be located at the Technology Center for testing and development as required. There will be a sperate high-end living quarters with 100 rooms and suites for executives, staff, technical and engineers at the Technology Center for company employee working on projects and contracts at the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.

Located at several of our campus will be  Co-Location Data Center will provide the data center for the Technology Center and Knowledge Center but also will provide a complete secured data center for clients both government as well as non-government. The center will feature the latest in data center technology as well as the highest level of both technical and physical security. At two hundred thousand square feet it will be one of the largest secured data centers in the eastern US. The Center will operate totally on its own power grid from the rest of the Campus with multiple input points to multiple power sources. All power to all servers and computers will be delivered from solar clean power to Hydrogen Power plant with  battery backup systems and then to our DER System. These systems will be backed up with Hydrogen Fuel Cells. All backup solar storage generators are housed in attack proof cages. The power will be distributed over a microgrid to each building. 

The Secured Data Center will be a certified FSC and meet all requirements. In addition will be secured by our Special Operations Group, not by normal security personal. The Center Personnel will have secured access and gateway to the SCIF, if so required and if clearances are approved. 

The Secured Data Center will house all computer, servers and other technology of all the technology partners and will run twenty-four-seven-three sixty-five. The center will run on full duel inbound solar power sources with full DER. All power is then sent to battery backup trickle cells and all technology is run off ADVANCED cell backup and never off, direct power or battery UPS systems, with kick over time even in mill seconds. Communications will be triple redundant with OC 48 fiber coming from but the north and south on the current OC 192 dark fiber already in place. A satellite uplink and down like will also be deployed for emergency commination.

The Secured Center Interoperation Facility with Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) will be a fully certified one hundred seat, fully contained crisis data recovery center. This will be the largest Private SCCDRC SCIF in the United States. The SCDRC SCIF contains full one hundred seat capacity, with full redundancy, operational mirrored with the client’s current operational location to minimize down time during crisis. The SCIF will also have its own secured living quarters and food service when on RED ALERT. No one will be allowed in or out of the secured area of the SCIF which the perimeter will always be secured  even when not on ALERT, by our Special Operation Teams. A no pass zone will be established of fifty feet around the perimeter of the SCIF Building. The SCIF will house its own data center and will have multiple fiber runs from various directions coming in at various depths in different conduit into the SCIF. The Power for the SCIF will be designed in the same manner. The SCIF power and fiber will be completely independent from power and fiber to the rest of the campus.

The Training Center is a fully equipped athletic facility equipped with the very latest in equipment for both cross training, bodybuilding, power lifting and UFC training. Each area is separated into its own training program. The facility also features a full Olympic training lane pool as well as an open pool for recreation swimming. There is a full indoor and outdoor rubberized track for There is also a separate training center specifically for special operation personnel training. Fitness training is a requirement for all students at NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.

The Dorms are designed to grow from one thousand single dorm rooms to four thousand rooms in six buildings with a modular design, making additions fast and simple to accommodate the rapid growth planned at our facility. Each dorm room will be fully equipped with the latest technology including room to room video interactive collaboration. The Trade School Dorms will be housed in the same build but separated from the college dorm due to the demands of the military discipline demanded of the student attending our college program.

 NATIONAL VETERANS’ EDUCATION INSTUTITE provides 24/7/365 medical services fully staffed under the direction of our Director of Medical Services. This included Medical and Mental services for everyone one the campus. We pre-arrange licensed hospitals to receive any patient from our Campus.

The NATIONAL VETERANS’ EDUCATION INSTITUTE also houses and staffs it our Fire and Rescue services on campus as well as its own Campus Police Force. These officers will attend the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Academies before assigned for duty. All members of our Campus Police Force are recruited from the ranks of the Military Police.