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The HVCC ON-LINE BETWORK is part of our educational network for colleges and universities. The network from OMINJOIN allows HVCC ON-LINE to bring classes from other partner colleges and universities to be taught in our classrooms. HVCC ON-LINE also provides this service to other universities and colleges to increase their veteran enrollment for distance learning. This is a tuition based programs where HVCC ON-LINE provides this service. 

Education is the foundation for our future, yet nowhere else are budgets and resources so limited, and stakeholders so demanding. OmniJoin® web & video conferencing can help educators and administrators face these challenges by providing virtual classroom software for web & video conferencing that is far more flexible, and far more affordable, than room-based systems. And most importantly, it extends the reach and effectiveness of teachers and staff.

Today, forward-thinking educators, and their IT departments, can take advantage of our turnkey video conferencing platform and their existing networks — no costly infrastructure components required. Video conferencing in education is imperative for online teaching and tackling distance challenges. Use OmniJoin® to support virtual classrooms, e-learning, blended learning, online seminars, web tutoring, remote interpreting, or any other purpose that brings students and teachers together. 

Control and Collaborate

OmniJoin® web conferencing is ideal for situations that require two way communication and the visualization of teaching materials. The customizable user interface allows educators to use a variety of content layouts and user permissions to best suit their specific needs. Control a learning session’s pace, open up Q&A and interactive activities, while sharing documents, applications, and desktops with students. OmniJoin® from Brother provides the tools to create a learning environment where the teacher commands how and when students interact with the host and other participants.